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Corsages and Buttonholes

Hello Flowerful Butterflies~ We are super excited to be nearing formal time! Students have already begun ordering their corsages for their event to mark the end of school and the beginning of an exciting adventure. The term ‘corsage’ referred to the bodice of a dress in the 19th century. It was upon the bodice that[Read More]

Westridge Florist Toowoomba

Toowoomba’s Butterfly Blizzard

Hello Blizzard Butterflies!This week we have been experiencing a wondrous phenomenon known as a ‘Butterfly Blizzard’, which is actually masses of Caper White butterflies inhabiting our beautiful Garden City as they migrate east. These gorgeous creatures are cluttering the air in a flurry of white flutters, transforming our happy city into a butterfly haven. Walk[Read More]

Westridge Florist Toowoomba

Whimsical Flower Crowns

At Westridge Florist Toowoomba, we believe that everyone should feel empowered and beautiful! Flower crowns have been a symbol of this for centuries, associated with being free-spirited across the world. These whimsical wreaths hale from the by-gone era of princesses, unicorns and dragons! It’s impossible to feel anything other than drop dead gorgeous with flowers[Read More]

Westridge Florist Toowoomba

2016 Carnival of Flowers – Horse Breastplates!

Hello Festival Butterflies~! For the 2016 Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers parade we were honored to be asked to design and construct the horse breast plates for the Toowoomba trail riding club. We did it in a theme of blue and yellow the clubs colors and used native flowers. These gorgeous pin cushions came in two[Read More]

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Behind The Scenes: Wildlife Rescue Centre

Hello Happy Butterflies! Recently, I had the pleasure of getting an inside view of the Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitation and Education Association Centre run by the very amazing Trish LeeHong. This woman is a wildlife warrior! Her centre holds a massive range of animals, from the sick and injured to people’s overgrown pets who have become too tame[Read More]

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Welcome to our new website!

Hello lovely butterflies… Welcome to our fantastic new website for Westridge Florist! We believe one cannot live life without flowers. This is why we are thrilled to be able to