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7 Things To Know About Flower Substitutions!

Various elements can affect the availability of flowers, but our Flower Substitutions policy maintains utmost quality while creating a design our customer desires. There are a few questions our customers always ask though. Therefore we’ve come up with the 7 Things You NEED To Know About Flower Substitutions! Natural Elements Can Affect Flowers There are[Read More]

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Florist Secrets Revealed!

Hello Happy Butterflies! At Westridge Florist Toowoomba, we pride ourselves on incredible quality and the freshness of our flowers. We thought we’d share our favorite tips & tricks! With these secrets revealed you will be able to keep your flowers fresher and happier for longer. Florist Secrets Revealed! Download the PDF to keep our secrets[Read More]

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Relaxing Rose Tea Recipe

One of our Westridge Florist Toowoomba favorites is our special blend of Relaxing Rose Tea! Tea is a diverse beverage enjoyed by many. Herbs, organic flowers and spices have been added to create an array of delicious and healing teas. Dried flowers and herbs have been used to increase the health properties of tea for centuries.[Read More]

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Tropical Flower Workshop | Bamboo and Lotus

Hello Tropical Butterflies~ On Saturday 21st we had the opportunity to attend a Tropical Flower Workshop hosted by the wonderful Libby and Wendy over at Bamboo and Lotus! Karon and I had so much fun and learned new techniques to use in our very own store.When we arrived our lovely hosts gave us a personal[Read More]

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Wedding Quotes | Questions Other Than Price

At Westridge Florist, we pride ourselves on listening to what YOU want and interpreting your hopes and desires into a dream come true. Choosing the cheapest option with the cheapest florist is not always the best decision as you may not get the service or flowers you actually want. The florist you choose is equally[Read More]

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How We Source Our Flowers

Our customers often ask us where we source our beautiful blooms. We are proud to tell them that we support local farmers and insist that this is how we gained our reputation of providing Toowoomba’s freshest flowers. Being a Toowoomba florist is great as we have a wonderful climate and many quality flower growers in[Read More]

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Dandelion | Flower of the Week

Hello Wishful Butterflies~ This week, Westridge Florist Toowoomba has chosen the humble Dandelion to be our Flower of the Week! While most perceive it as weed, it is beautiful nonetheless. At Westridge Florist, we’re all about finding beauty and joy in the smallest of things. We think the Dandelion is a perfect representation of strength[Read More]

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The Importance of Flowers | Part Two

Hello again butterflies! In the first part of this blog, we discussed the ways in which plants and flowers heal, feed and keep us, as well as, our wildlife healthy and safe. To continue on, we’ll look at few of the more decorative uses for flowers and plants. Even as ornamental and aesthetic gifts, flowers[Read More]

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The Importance of Flowers and Plants | Part One

Hello Summer Butterflies~ As the weather warms up, I find myself gazing more out the windows to the beautiful sunny world we live in. Although the puddle I once called my body would rather stay inside with the air conditioning, I managed to venture outside and witness the simple beauty of nature. I watched as[Read More]

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Flame Lily | Flower Of The Week

This week at Westridge Florist Toowoomba, we have nominated the Flame Lily as our Flower of the Week! Not only is it gorgeous to look at but it’s also one of those most intriguing plants with a rich history under its petals. While these fire-like flowers are used for some medicinal purposes, they are entirely[Read More]

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Happy New Year 2017!

Westridge Florist wishes all our loyal customers, friends, family and business community of Westridge Shopping Centre a Happy New Year and Best Wishes for an exciting new beginning! We are so grateful for the support and love we have received this year. It has been fun to partake in birthday celebrations from adorable new babies[Read More]


Our Organic Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas happy butterflies! This year we decided to create our very own Christmas tree using natural products and an ordinary potted bush we picked up. Here at Westridge Florist, we believe the earth should be taken care of and so we jumped at the chance for a unique earth-friendly alternative this Christmas. Firstly we[Read More]